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Proxies – Top 10 Facts regarding Voting at Toastmasters District Conference

April 4, 2012

Toastmaster Friends,

Several people have asked how voting works for District Officers in Toastmasters.  Below is a TOP TEN LIST for you, on proxies and voting for District Officers.  If you have further questions, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.  Happy Voting!  Oh, yes, Vote for Katy for District 33 Lt. Gov. Marketing!

Voting in person or by proxy is a critical responsibility of each President and VPE

#10) All clubs have a total of 2 votes – these belong to the President and VPE of your club.  These two may choose to vote their own ballot or to give a PROXY to another member of their club.

#9) All District Officers have a vote – they have to be present to vote, and cannot proxy their vote away.  District Officers include Division and Area Governors.

#8) Only club members in good standing (paid up) can use a proxy for that club.  It could be a long time member or brand new recruit, but they must belong to the same club as the officer signing the proxy to them.

#7) Each human can carry a maximum of TWO club ballots, and if a District officer ONE MORE ballot for their office.

#6) To receive a ballot, you need to go to the CREDENTIALS desk, prior to the Business Meeting.  You can get credentialing done when you register for the conference, or at posted times during the meeting.  The Credentials Desk is generally closed, all in all done, long before the business meeting starts.  Why?  Because the Credentials Chair has report a variety of Statistics at the Business Meeting, so they need to close the books and get ready for the meeting.  I know because I had that role, 2 years ago.

#5) Proxies are “generic” not numbered.  You can get a copy from the Westword Magazine, which is posted on the District 33 website.  Go to the last page of the mag, and copy the proxy from there.

Westword_Winter_2012 – Proxy on last page

#4) To help your club, ask your President or VPE if they know about how to vote in the District Business Meeting.  If not, point them to this blog, or ask them to speak to their Area Governor.  Each club should be represented, and the members can help make that happen!

#3) The business meeting requires a quorum to be met to be able to conduct business.  Meeting the quorum is done through counting the number of ballots handed out and comparing to the number of clubs and number of eligible District Officers.  Each club that participates takes us closer to meeting the quorum.  For the last several years (I’ve been attending for 6 or 7 years) District 33 has always made our numbers and met the quorum, but sometimes the margin is closer than you’d think.  COME TO THE MEETING or HAVE YOUR PROXY CARRIED to have your club’s vote count toward the quorum.

#2) Don’t confuse voting at District, which we are discussing here and voting at the International Convention.  Totally different deal with different rules.  We can discuss when we get closer to August.

#1) If you are going to your District Conference, see if you can participate in the business meeting by carrying one to three votes.  It is a privilege to be one of the Toastmasters contributing to the conversation, and voting.  I would be honored to have your vote!  I am ready to serve as Lieutenant Governor of Marketing with integrity and enthusiasm!  Every vote counts – don’t be left out.


Katy Porter, DTM

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Marketing

District 33, 2012-2013