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Countdown to Retirement: 4-3-2-1

March 28, 2014


I am retiring!  Sometimes it is helpful to step into the fantasy to pass through the reality.  I will be firing up this blog again, as I start a new phase of life.  Thank you for all the good wishes and kind words.

Here is one view of the last several days:


Katy parked her 4-door Honda, and checked the alignment of her glasses in the mirror.  “Four eyes they used to call me”, she spoke to her reflection as a smile teased at the corner of her mouth, freshly painted with Four Roses from Revlon.  “All those eyes got me to today.”  She stepped out onto the four sided brick drive, as four crows rose from the grass nearby, their movements balletic as they formed a four sided square of flying feathers.

Katy thought, “I have to be ready for the four meetings today”, as she stepped into the elevator and pushed – “4”. 

To be continued…


Katy hears the elevator ding at “3” and she steps into the triangular foyer.  She bumps into a stranger, and three hundred dollar bills flutter to the ground.  “Are those yours?”, he asks while holding the door open.

“Absolutely not!  I’m sure they are yours.”  Katy responds quickly, and stoops to retrive the cash before it flutters down the crack between floor and elevator.  Handing the bills to the gentleman, their hands touch lightly.  He is icey cold.  Startled, Katy finds herself looking into crystal blue eyes, and suddenly imagines him atop an iceberg.  Is this Superman’s dad, banking in my building?

Shaking her head three times, she blinks, and he is on his way.  Looking down, she realizes that he left one of the bills.  Curling 3 fingers around her new wealth, she keeps one finger raised, as if drinking hot tea.  It is only good manners!  Turning to enter her office, Suite 333, she wonders what other adventures await.

… To be continued.


As Katy opened the heavy door to Suite #22, the familiar two scents from new two-tone carpet and freshly shredded paperwork wafted up.  Pushing past two palms arching near the doorway, she ambled into the kitchen to pour fresh coffee – adding two packets of sweetener and two dollops of milk. 

She fired up her computer to find a greeting from one of her two best buddies in the OTHER sunshine state (there are two).  As she reviews her 2 pages of emails, she is processing that life changes come along, whether planned or unplanned.  She pulls the now crumpled $100 dollar bill from her purse and thinks that there are at two things she could do with it.  But, for now, she approaches the two main tasks for the day – sorting and writing.

Abruptly, she realizes that the office has fallen surprisingly quite.  A power outage – since her computer has two batteries and two backup sources, she can still see her screen.  Then it starts – two small rumbles, two jolts.  Two more and dust falls from the ceiling.  Awkwardly Katy ducks under her cubicle “desk” as her coffee slides off onto the floor, splashing both of her shoes.

She debates reaching up for her phone – yes, it is worth it.

Opening her “USA Today” app, she reads “Breaking news – Quake centered in Northridge” as two new tremors are strong enough to knock over both of the palms, and the stillness is replaced by car alarms going off in the parking lot.  “What a strange Thursday”, she thinks.  She begins to dial on her phone, “9-1-2…”

…to be continued.


Katy looked out the window at the Southern CA sky – one small fluffy cloud and one lazy crow high in the atmosphere. You would never know that the prior day had been so unsettling. She turned back to her single mug of coffee, and swirled the one remaining swallow before doffing it. The stain on the carpet had been removed from the prior day, and it was as if life had never been shaken up.   After one decade, she was down to one day, just a few short hours.  Ready or not, the large door would swing shut and she’d have her last single box of goodies to take to her car.

But first, she had notes to send to some of those who had made the journey memorable.  She thought, “one more thing, one more thing”, but soon there would be NONE. Would she leave after her final interviews, after handing in her key?  Or linger, sorting through folders that no-one else was very interested in.  Too soon to know.

Ah, one more thing….she pulled the one-hundred dollar bill out to gaze at it again.  She thought about the places and people it would meet.  Well, she had people to see and places to go too, just not here, not ever again the same way.

Continued?   …