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In memory of Dr. Stephen Borowsky

May 2, 2012

Dr. Steve Borowsky passed away suddenly at the end of April. He was only 71. He will be remembered by me for his kindness, his impishness and his ear for the English language.

Steve was a member of the long-running Ventura writer’s group that meets every Friday night, and that I have frequented for the last 8 years. He was a loyal participant, driving further than the rest of us to regale us with a new or revised chapter of his novel.  In his critiques, Steve was mischievous and meticulous, always looking for a nuance that the writer may have missed.

Steve also had a musical ear, treating us recently to stories of his efforts in song-writing and producing.

Dr. Steve Borowsky, Dec 2011, with a twinkle.

It is interesting what we leave behind when we pass suddenly.  Steve left a novel that was the best work he had done with this group, and that was approaching its completion.  His main character was an ordinary Joe, named not Joe, but Ed.  Every week we’d gather, and ask what Ed was up to.  He was a gentle soul, who liked the ocean, and had not had a date for quite some time.  Ed was a government employee, who was a health inspector.  As his story progressed, Ed was giving a case where a Japanese businessman had died unexpectedly, after eating at a well-respected restaurant.  The novel gained momentum as the mystery deepened, with various hypotheses offered and tested.  One of the suspects was a lovely woman, who seemed to have a motive.  Ed found her quite enchanting.  He continued his investigation, proving the innocence of his suspect.  Just as he was beginning to run out of excuses to interview her again, they realized that they both had a love of music, and spent a chapter at a delightful symphonic concert.  Steve kept his characters at arm’s length, while his writer pals were basically yelling, “Kiss her, Ed!” Now Ed may remain forever innocent, forever under the hypnotic spell of early love. 

Steve, you grew so much as a writer while we knew you, your characters becoming richer and multi-dimensional in front of our ears.  We will miss your twinkle, your laugh as you pointed out some wonderful verbal reverberation or withheld “the next twist” from us. It is people like you who epitomize the best in us.  The gift of your life will live on in each of your writer friends.

 May your soul rest in peace, Steve.